A-list seamstresses in Nashville for when you need sewing services like..

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Custom Stage & Wardrobe Pieces

You need a reliable costumer or seamstress for your flashy jackets, flameproof pants, rhinestone-covered leotards, and stretch velvet high-waisted bell bottoms. We want to turn your sketch into something wearable, durable, and original- whether it’s for a Nashville-based photoshoot, or it needs to withstand an international tour. Our custom piece lead time is currently at 4-5 weeks - don’t waste time getting started.


Tour Softgoods

We know just what IFR/FR certificates you need, how to work with scrim, what fabric combinations will make your lighting director super happy, and exactly how to include burn swatches for all those fire marshalls you’ll come across in your travels. Send us your tech pack to get started.

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Band Merchandising

You need those itty bitty tags sewn on right, 500 times in a row, or you might just want a handful of company patches stitched onto some cool jackets for your staff. We've never missed a deadline - even when we had to sew 16,000+ units in 2 weeks, and we know what quality looks like. Send us your tech pack to get started.

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