Music City Sewing provides the following services.


Custom garments

This is where we excel. We can't say we've made it all, but it sure feels like it. We've made and embellished jackets, pants, dresses, vests, capes, swimsuits, and leotards. Whether it's drafting a pattern and creating a piece from a drawing, or embellishing a basic item with rhinestones, mirrors, grommets, studs, or spikes - this is our favorite type of project, and we'd love to work with you.

burlesque costume.JPG

Costume rigging

You need a reliable source for your backdrops, flashy jackets, flameproof pants, rhinestone-covered leotards, and case covers. We know just what IFR/FR certificates you need, how to work with scrim, what kind of spandex you need, and where to find all the ridiculous odds and ends to make your set work. 

nashville seamstress.png

Band/Brand Merchandising

You need those itty bitty tags sewn on right, 500 times in a row. Or maybe just a handful of company patches stitched onto a small run of jackets so you can give out super personalized gifts to your artists. We've never missed a deadline and we know exactly what to look for to ensure your quality control - just send us your tech pack and we'll get started.

nashville tailor.JPG

Fashion line production / assembly

You just got a shipment in from the manufacturer and all of the buttons are sewn on wrong. You've got to take all these pieces with you to a trade show in 4 days and you're fairly confident this is the end for your brand. It's not. Whether it's just some last minute changes, or it's to create a handful of test garments for your next line, give us a call and we'll take care of it.

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