I’m Krystal - I run stuff.

I’m a live music addict, wild mustang tamer, Nashville resident, and A-list seamstress. I fell in love with sewing when I was a kid. Having grown up on a farm, my great aunts made everything- from the clothes they wore while working in tobacco fields to the quilts they slept under. My grandmother was a country/gospel artist, so while the aunts taught me what seam allowances are, she's the one who reinforced my affinity for soothing harmonies and polished live performances.

The first time I made money sewing was in 2008 when I ran an Etsy store. I was in college at MTSU earning my Music Business degree. I couldn't believe that people liked my work (quilts) well enough to drop cash on it- after all, I was just a broke college kid covered in thread. After four years spent in music publicity and concert production logistics, I had coordinated local production logistics for every stadium and arena-level touring act to come through Nashville (The Rolling Stones, CMA Fest, Toby Keith, Little Big Town, Taylor Swift, & about 400 others.)

I left the office in 2015 but never left the live music/production world (it's in my veins, after all). The calls started coming a few weeks later, and only increased when I moved into my first commercial studio space on music row in August 2017. Everyone knew I sewed, and since I already know what textiles complement with what lights, how scrim works, and just what it takes to costume rig for wardrobe changes- costuming and soft goods production for entertainment was a natural fit. We just recently relocated the studio to Cannery Row in July.

By now I've created completely one-of-a-kind custom stage pieces that come off with magnets, I've fixed about 800 zippers for quick-change, and I've project managed and sewn softgoods/backdrops for several tours. I've also sat in on enough tour rehearsals and handled fabric-related rigging to know how to make these tours travel and operate just a little smoother.

The sewing team expands to fit your needs by contracting with the best seamstresses, tailors, and stitchers in Nashville to get you a MVP.

Do you need help? We love helping - email me directly.